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A few words from the author

During my childhood and adolescence I was a regular consumer of comic-books and graphic novels by authors, European, American or Japanese, whom I admired because of their artistic skills. I always knew that I would never be as talented as such cartoonists and illustrators, not even in a small fraction; and, what is more terrible, that I am not patient or tenacious enough to learn how to draw acceptably. This is the reason why I had not considered, at any time, devoting effort in becoming a comic writer or anything of the kind.

However, when I was living in Manchester, England, I found myself addicted to a daily comic-strip published in a free newspaper which, in fact, had no remarcable attribute. I simply liked it. One day, suddenly, while I was enjoying those insipid scripts, ordinary characters and vulgar drawings, I clearly understood that, despite the questionable artistic value of a given product, there may be a number of individuals whom that item appeals... Therefore, several months later, back in Barcelona, I decided to check my creativity. I bought a drawing tablet and I began brainstorming for possible interesting stories to develop. So, then, on the 11th of July of 2006 the Guspirallampec project kicked off.

Guspirallampec is an invented name composed by the Catalan words "guspira" and "llampec", meaning "spark" and "lightning", respectively. Guspira refers to the inspirational component, the abrupt stimulus. While llampec calls for the brilliance of a quick, intense discharge. Together, they form an ambiguous gender term, I would say. Nonetheless, the brand is represented by an icon that shows a long, dark haired, blue eyed girl with voluptuous forms, whose intention is capturing attention and seducing by instinct.

The inspiration for the design of Guspirallampec's logotype came from a series of amateur nude photographs accessed through a search engine in the Internet. Because of that, the identity and whereabouts of the model remain unknown. Wherever you may be, my lady, I thank you very much for your generosity!

Juan Antonio Rincon Legaz

About the author

Behind Guspirallampec, there is Juan Antonio Rincon Legaz. Born in Barcelona in the early seventies of the twentieth century, he was granted his Computer Science for Management's degree at the Escola Universitària d'Informàtica de Sabadell and became a professional focused in the field of programming and coding. During some time, he lived in Manchester, England, and Osaka, Japan, before moving to Andorra where he established his residence since 2007. "We could be better!" is his usual motto.


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